Inside Plantscapes

Foliage Plants and Decorative Containers

Green your space and clean your air with interior plants ranging from low light to high light requiring plants. We can provide the correct plant even for that windowless office. Select from a two foot to seven foot plus floor plant, a table top size plant for that receptionist counter or office desk, a hanging plant, or partition top planters. Your maintenance and guarantee of the plants will be performed by qualified and highly trained Horticulture technicians to assure sustained vitality of your plants.

Many shapes, sizes and colors of decorative containers are available. Choose from standard cylinder floor pots in finishes ranging from plastic, metal, or ceramic to plant stands and pedestals. Artificial (replica) plants are also available for that seldom used conference room.

Color Rotation

Add color to your interior with Bromeliads. There are few plants as economical or as lovely. Most interior plants which provide color will become faded and expire within two to three weeks, whereas Bromeliads have an average color presence for 2.5 to 3 months. We offer a color rotation program that allows for replacement of these plants every quarter. Poinsettias are also offered during the holiday season. See the holiday section for more detail.

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